Apmon II

APMON II - Particle Deposition Monitoring AWS

How does it work

APMON sensors collect 24/7 real-time data on the use of your clean controlled environment. They provide data on the deposition of airborne macro-particles. Light scattering airborne particle counters do not predict which particles can deposit onto surfaces. APMON II counts and sizes particles larger than 15 micrometers up to fibres of a millimeter and the moment these were deposited.

Particle deposition data show when and how much your product or process is at risk, the performance of your cleanroom and what can be done to improve the operational quality and to reduce risks.

Through AWS and a secured data transfer protocol, the data from different locations can be viewed simultaneously. Multiple locations and sensors can be linked together. This makes it easy to monitor and benchmark different processes and production locations of your company worldwide.

APMON II can be used in clean environments, cleanrooms and clean zones with personnel where particle and/or microbial contamination are important. Typical cleanroom classes are ISO 5, 6, 7 and 8 in operation. In these environments the way a cleanroom is used has impact on particle deposition rate.

In mini-environments and in process equipment where the air cleanliness is lower than ISO 4 the particle deposition rate is in most cases too low to determine the particle deposition rate within 24 hours.

Potential industries are: automotive (combustion/electrical motors, batteries, gear boxes, sensors and actuators), aerospace, assembly of electronics, displays, optics, MEMS and medical devices, clean machines for semiconductor and UHV, healthcare, hospitals, preparation of medical devices and instruments, etc.

  • Providing real-time data 24/7
  • More accurate (enlarged 50cm2 measuring area)
  • Counting particles upto every 4 minutes
  • AWS connected
  • Online interface
  • Analytics
  • Data presentation according to ISO 14644-17
  • Low cost-of-ownership

The APMON II sensor is a holographic measurement instrument.

The acquired data can be shown in various screens.

The APMON II monitors

  • The direct risk of product contamination continuously
  • Particles that can contaminate your product
  • Data (particles sizes and deposition moments), to find causes of particle deposition
  • The times and duration the product is at risk
  • The impact of every activity in your cleanroom

And the APMON II creates awareness around your staff.

The APMON II shows the likelihood the product is contaminated by unwanted macro-particles. If your product is sensitive for finer particles extrapolation of monitoring data can predict the risk of contamination.

Content of APMON II

  • Travel case
  • APMON II sensor (double bagged)
  • Power adapter
  • Witness cartridge (double bagged)
  • USB stick with manual and discovery tool
  • Ethernet cable
  • AWS console key


  • extra APMON II sensors
  • Extra Witness cartridge(s)
  • Witness cartridge exchange program refurbished (per 4 pieces)