Cleanliness monitoring

A cleanroom is a controlled environment with an installation that removes airborne particles by air flow and does not introduce particles by this air flow. Not all particles > 5 µm are removed by air flow because of deposition on all surfaces. The number of particles that are not removed because of deposition increases with particle size (50 % for particles > 80 % for particles > 25 µm and >90 % for particles > 40 µm).

The resulting air cleanliness for all particle sizes during operation (when people are working in the cleanroom) can be monitored by measuring the concentration of airborne particles up to 5 µm and by measuring the particle deposition of particles > 5 µm and the resulting surface cleanliness at critical locations.

APMON product round


Brookhuis ADI Cleanroom provides products, services and support to improve and control the operational quality of cleanrooms and clean controlled environments. The products for real-time particle deposition monitoring are based on APMON Technology. APMON systems consist of a base computer and one or more sensors.

The APMON systems monitor the deposition of particles that are not removed by the ventilation system of the cleanroom or clean controlled environment.

The present APMON systems for monitoring the particle deposition rate in a cleanroom in operation are:




APMON Secure

APMON Technology

Global distributors

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Brookhuis offers training and coaching services for (potential) customers to learn more about the use of the APMON and how to use the data to find ways to improve the operational quality of the cleanroom.

For more information about these services, please contact us.

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For companies who want to increase product quality

Need some help? Please let us know how we can help you. With over 20 years of experience, we know how the particles fall. Our coaches deliver impact by bringing the most effective tools and best practices to cleanrooms and controlled environments all over the world.

Customers will learn how they can reduce contamination and reduce product loss. They will get useful insights about the APMON.


Our calibration services include:

The calibration procedure and equipment used for it, together with the capability of the lab is described in TOS Calibration Note APMON Software Tool 14032016 – Lasertec Meetrapport 11102013 – TOS Calibration Note APMON – Calibrator 01 03092015 .

ISO 9001: 2008

  • Calibrations are done under supervision of a certified metrologist.
  • A Certificate of Calibration issued with each sensor
  • Instrument function check
  • Return time on appointment less than a week (arrival vs departure in Enschede)
  • Rental units available

We advise making appointments with our technical support in advance to ensure the shortest return time possible.

Customer service, Hardware and software support

For questions about delivery time, prices, status, support:  + 31 53 737 02 92


Brookhuis offers dedicated training on the usage of cleanrooms, cleanliness attributes, risk assessments, contamination control solutions and monitoring.

For general training on cleanroom technology works together with local cleanroom and contamination control societies that are members of the ICCCS.

Customer training

Brookhuis is offering a broad spectrum of training at our HQ or on location.

  • One day training Contamination Control
  • Two days training Contamination Control