Contamination control

A cleanroom is a controlled environment with an installation that removes airborne particles by air flow and does not introduce particles by this air flow. Not all particles > 5 µm are removed by air flow because of deposition on all surfaces. The number of particles that are not removed because of deposition increases with particle size (at 15 air changes: 50% for particles > 10 µm, 80% for particles > 25 µm and >90 % for particles > 40 µm).

The resulting air cleanliness for all particle sizes during operation (when people are working in the cleanroom) can be monitored by measuring the concentration of airborne particles up to 5 µm and by measuring the particle deposition of particles > 5 µm and the resulting surface cleanliness at critical locations.

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Knowledge center

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Monitoring particle deposition in cleanrooms has become much more accessible than in the past. Real-time monitoring gives useful information on the performance and use of a cleanroom or controlled environment and demonstrates directly when and how much products can be contaminated. In this section lessons learned over time, best practices, studies and analysis will be presented.


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