SUMON – Surface Cleanliness Monitor

How does it work

In clean controlled environments and cleanrooms the cleanliness of all surfaces surrounding a critical product or process has an impact on the contamination risk of this product or process.

Particles on surfaces can become airborne under the influence of turbulent airflows and deposit onto critical product or process surfaces. Particles on surfaces can be transferred by contact onto work surfaces, tools, equipment and finally onto critical product and process surfaces. Therefore next to the control of airborne particles the control of surface particles is important. The effectiveness of measures taken to limit surface contamination can be monitoring by measuring the cleanliness of surfaces at regular intervals.

The SUMON is a new surface cleanliness measurement device using UV imaging technology that can be used to monitor the cleanliness of surfaces surrounding a critical product or process and critical surfaces.

The SUMON can measure the surface cleanliness of a flat surface directly. By the use of a transfer medium like a tacky rubber the cleanliness of a surface that is not accessible by the SUMON sensor can be measured indirectly.

The SUMON is meant to monitor surfaces in clean controlled environments. The SUMON cannot count and measure non-fluorescent particles.

The SUMON consist of a sensor (surface camera) and analysis software. Therefore the SUMON sensor should be connected to a computer with SUMON software. Images are transferred to the computer and analysed.

Measures to control surface cleanliness are:

  • Limit introduction of particles in the clean environment
  • Avoid unnecessary surfaces inside the clean environment
  • Ventilate the clean environment with a sufficient volume rate of filtered air
  • Clean all surfaces frequently in a systematic manner, check cleaning efficiency using the SUMON.
  • Monitor the surface cleanliness using the SUMON
  • Monitor the resulting particle deposition rate using the SUMON or for real-time monitoring the APMON

Content of SUMON

  • Travel Case
  • SUMON Sensor
  • USB-C power adapter for charging sensor
  • USB-C Cable
  • USB stick with SUMON software and a digital manual.