Internal Crack Detector (ICD)

Introducing Brookhuis ICD – monitoring non-visible cracks

You can quickly and confidently optimize your wood process performance and provide superior customer value, with the Internal Crack Detector (ICD). By monitoring non-visible cracks, Brookhuis ICD allows you to optimize lean production process and workflow. ICD makes visually closed cracks ‘visible’ before planing. 

Innovation that counts
Brookhuis ICD is world’s first inline monitoring system that detects non-visible internal cracks with a unique user experience, helping you optimize your wood process performance and deliver superior customer advantages. We support you in optimizing the total value chain by our innovation.

Brookhuis ICD is designed to help you more consistenly and efficiently. Our highly friendly user interface supports you the best way possible. With this new future proof monitoring system you can deliver outstanding quality and grow your business over time.

Internal Crack Detector (ICD)


Brookhuis ICD has been specifically designed to integrate a cost-effective, reliable monitoring in the production line.

  • More sensitive than X-rays, radioton free
  • Allows measurement in different phases of production
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Higher customer satistication
  • The opportunity to sell against better margins
  • Less customer complaints

The System

Brookhuis ICD solution offers you to detect non-visible cracks, which influence on strength are detected (l>10mm, minimum opening 5µm). This system is developed in close corperation with leading universities and companies.

  • Suitable for softwood, hardwood and Thermo-Treated wood.
  • Knots and cracks can be distinguished
  • Visually closed cracks, which are normally seen only after planing are detected
  • Runs up to 300m/min
  • Accurancy of detecting up to 98%
  • Repeatability nearly 100%