e-Learning videos

Have you put your data to work? Brookhuis Applied Data Intelligence offers a series of e-learning videos on the operational process of cleanrooms. The goal is to aquire data and put these to work.

Presentation on Particle Deposition Monitoring

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01 – Particle deposition data

02 – Measurement methods

03 – Air cleanliness

04 – Surface cleanliness

05 – Particle deposition rate

06 – Risk Assessment Part 1

06 – Risk Assessment Part 2

06 – Risk Assessment Part 3

APMON product round


Brookhuis provides products, services and support to improve and control the operational quality of cleanrooms and clean controlled environments. The products for real-time particle deposition monitoring are based on APMON Technology. APMON systems consist of a base computer and one or more sensors.

The APMON systems monitor the deposition of particles that are not removed by the ventilation system of the cleanroom or clean controlled environment.

The present APMON systems for monitoring the particle deposition rate in a cleanroom in operation are: