FMI IV system

The FMI-IV system is the latest development from Brookhuis. It is developed as the most versatile and fastest in-line moisture content measuring system ever and measures up to 300 pieces a minute. The measuring rate of FMI-IV is 500 measurements per second which brings the minimum measuring time for a single plank or board down to 10 milliseconds only.

The heart of the system is a “real-time” and “open” PLC system from Phoenix with an INTERBUS field bus with fibre optical connections. With the integration of the INTERBUS field bus in the Brookhuis sensors and control unit, new functions such as remote access and remote servicing as well as simple and fast network facilities are available. Up to 10 FMI-IV sensors can be connected to one control unit. Also other devices based on the INTERBUS field bus can integrated fast and with low costs. A FMI-IV system can be upgraded with optional density measurement for improved accuracy and dimensions measurement for versatility. Remote access, network facility and industrial PC with touch screen are also available options.

The open fieldbus system INTERBUS for modern automation uniformly links all the process peripherals with all common controllers. With the serial bus cable, it is possible to network sensors and actuators, control machines and systems, network production cells and connect higher-level systems, such as control rooms.



One of the most important aspects of a FMI system is its ability to sort wood, ensuring that only wood with the right moisture content is released for further production. It is also possible to set a number of limiting values so that wood can be sorted on the basis of moisture content. Sorting can also be carried out by hand with a marking system or, if it is within the machine’s capabilities, the system can also control a fully automated sorting system.

Automation and system solutions

The expertise and the product range of Brookhuis Applied Technologies extend far beyond moisture measurement and sorting alone. A comprehensive solution can be supplied with electric, pneumatic and mechanical components. Systems can be delivered turnkey as well.

Sensor types

Brookhuis offers depending on the machine configuration the following sensor types:
FMI IV: L-type sensors for longitudinal wood transport
FMI IV: X-type sensors for transversal wood transport

Brookhuis product range

  • FMI-IV control unit components (1st PLC), build-in control box
  • FMI-IV Control unit extension (2nd PLC), build-in control box
  • FMI-IV Report III
  • Integrated Industrial PC with touch screen panel
  • FMI-IV L100 Sensor+calibration block and sensor cables
  • FMI-IV X600 Sensor+calibration block and sensor cables