Inline Moisture Measurement for solid and bulk materials

Moisture, Density & Temperature (MDT)

Brookhuis is a supplier of the industrial in-line measuring and control Microwave Systems for moisture, density as well as for temperature in raw materials (solid and liquid). The Microwave Measurement Solution, which we have called MDT, measures, monitors and regulates the various stages of the production process, in all industrial sectors, including: mixing, drying, wetting and pressing. MDT guarantee process repeatability, product quality stability and energy saving with an ensuing reduction in environmental impact.

The operator’s control function is made easier, waste is reduced to a minimum, and costs are drastically reduced. Some of the salient characteristics are: simplicity of installation and start-up, high levels of measurement accuracy, calibration stability, sturdiness, industrial Ethernet connection (cable, Wireless), RS-485, 4-20mA, data monitoring and memorisation, remote control, materials suitable for hostile sectors and FDA standards, IP66 protection grade, CE and ATEX marks.

In the wood industry the MDT are usually mounted on the walls of bunkers/hoppers at the various PB, PELLET, PLY, FB, MDF, HDF, MF and OSB production line points as explained in the table. Below you can find a table that recaps typical applications we perform in the wood industry. We underline the ease and speed with which the MDT can be set up.

  • After milling: measurement on green. Moisture range 10% to 90%.
    Benefits: efficient dryer operating conditions leading to consistent energy and economic savings.
  • After drying and screening: measurement of surface layer and core layer. Moisture range 0.5% to 4%.
    Benefits: check of the correct operating conditions of the dryer:  essential to prevent malfunctioning or breakings. Determination of the correct glue-water- ratio necessary at resin treatment (economic savings).
  • After resin treatment: measurement of resin-treated surface and core layer. Moisture range 4% to 14%.
    Benefits:  check of the correct operating conditions of the resin treatment: essential to avoid material waste and malfunctioning.  Removal of long production line stops due to misfiring of presses.