Fully automatic & Economical Strength Grading.

Brookhuis has a unique product range of strength grading systems, all provided with a unique TGT technology that is developed in cooperation with wood specialists of leading International institutes. From handheld to high speed.

Up to 30 boards /minute.

Brookhuis mtgBATCH offers the best of both worlds. Cost effective system and fully automatic machine strength grading. The mtgBATCH makes it easy to sort your wood products in defined timber or lumber grades, like the most common grades C18, C24, C30 etc.

mtgBATCH productline

Brookhuis offers a cost effective strength grading options:
mtgBATCH: up to 30 boards per minute

How does it work?

The mtgBATCH system predicts the strength class of a wooden board moving on any suitable third party cross conveyor by computing the dynamic Modulus of Elasticity (MoEdyn) and the Density (ρ)

MOEdyn = ρV2 with V = 2 Lf

ρ = density, computed from weight and dimensions measurement (optional)
V = longitudinal velocity
L = length of the board
F = frequency of the longitudinal vibration

A mechanical device hits the board in order to create a vibration which is measured by a stress wave detector. The density (ρ) results from the weight measurement (optional) and dimensions settings (either selected from a user interface or as input for the existing production line).

The strength class is then predicted via a mathematical model.
A proven and reliable technique. 


The mtgBATCH systems can be extended with:

  • Dimension measurement (length, width and thickness)
  • Density measurement
  • In-line moisture content measurement (FMI)

Why choose Brookhuis mtgBatch configuration

  • Predicts the strength class of a board by the dynamic Modulus of Elasticity (MOE)
  • Compatible with third party conveyors having low speed and/or stop and go system up to 30 boards/minute
  • Economical solution
  • Optimum process optimization
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to integrate
  • User friendly interface
  • Extensive production reports
  • Proven and reliable technique