APMON Screens

What do you see on the screens?

Our screens. Real-time, or history. One measurement or a period. It’s all available. One click away. Of course, there is an Excel export function for your own analysis if needed.

Real time screen:

  • 1 to 6 sensors (together or separate) can be selected:
  • Particle deposition events of particles > 15 um per interval.
  • Time scale 12 hour, 24 hours (1 day), 2 days or 7 days.
  • Limits for number of particles or particle deposition rate can be set for the cleanroom at rest, in operation, during cleaning or other periods of interest.
Realtime data

In reports screens the time scale can be set to the time of interest.

Realtime NOP

Differential particle size distribution

The number of particles and/or area coverage for given particle channels can be selected. Channels can be selected according to ISO 14644-9:2012 or IEST STD 1246E:2015.

report overview
Differential distribution report

Cumulative particle size distribution

In a cumulative particle size distribution, the total number of particles larger or equal to the particle size on the horizontal axis per dm2 per hour is given. One or two reference lines with a slope -1 are drawn to show the Particle Deposition Rate Level (Class).

Realtime data Cleanroom

Particle Area Coverage

In the Particle Area Coverage graph the real-time Particle Area Coverage and the increase of the particle area coverage is shown. The slope of the increase determines the Particle Obscuration Rate.

PAC coverage

Downloading APMON data

The data of each screen can be downloaded and analysed in an Excel sheets.

  • With this data it is possible to make dedicated graphs and calculations.
  • From this data specific graphs can be made.
  • The data used to make the screens can be downloaded for further analysis

Below an example of a cumulative particle size distribution during operation made from the downloaded data is given: the height of the tangent determines the Particle Deposition Rate Level PDC.

cumulative particle size distribution deposition
APMON product round


Brookhuis provides products, services and support to improve and control the operational quality of cleanrooms and clean controlled environments. The products for real-time particle deposition monitoring are based on APMON Technology. APMON systems consist of a base computer and one or more sensors.

The APMON systems monitor the deposition of particles that are not removed by the ventilation system of the cleanroom or clean controlled environment.

The present APMON systems for monitoring the particle deposition rate in a cleanroom in operation are: